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Like Moths to a Flame
charcoal2I’ve blocked off my entire schedule for tomorrow to devote to painting a commissioned piece in my Pacific beach studio.  I’ll be painting a privately commissioned large-scale canvas inspired by one of twenty field studies I created in and of Continuum Estate vineyards in Napa Valley. This evening I taped the edges of the 30” x 40” stretch canvas with blue paint masking tape so that my thick paint won’t bleed onto the sides.  The framer will appreciate this effort.  Then I reached for a Winsor and Newton willow charcoal stick, a fragile 5” piece of thin charcoal used for sketching on canvas.  They’re ideal for large-scale drawings or filling in forms.  I always break them while I’m drawing. Tomorrow morning I’ll go for a long run in The Presidio to the Lyon Street stairs and clear my head with the ocean air.  When I return I’ll shower and turn off the phones and the computers.  I want no disturbances when I paint.   It’s time to center and engage in an active mediation requiring my full yet relaxed focus. I long for these times when I can create.  I’m excited to just let the painting flow.  I lose track of time and I’m in the most peaceful place that I can be and still remain conscious.  This high is what draws artists to painting like moths to a flame.
  • Collector's JournalContinuum EstateContinuum Estate vineyardsNapa Valley

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