Artist Ann Rea
Painting in Film
[caption id="attachment_751" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="San Francisco based Artist & CEO"]San Francisco based Artist & CEO[/caption] Last month I sat with my new advisory board at our first quarterly meeting explaining an Experience of Art & Wine, my new unique and limited offering. Essentially, my patrons choose their favorite wine and we join each other for a vineyard tour. Later, I return and capture the colors of the terroir in oils on canvas with a dozen or more field studies painted in and of the vineyard. Week-by-week my patrons witness the creative process by way of a dedicated online diary at They choose one of the field studies from the series and I reinterpret it on a larger canvas, sized to their liking. I deliver the finished painting with a beautiful signed storyboard chronicling the artful experience. This way they can revisit inspired memories. My advisory board and I realized that this is a lot to explain.  I knew I needed a creative solution. So I reached out to my good friend Paul Maurby at Vintank and he introduced me to a local award winning film making talent, Bret Lyman. Bret has arrived back in his hometown of Napa with his family after time spent in NYC and Los Angeles. Bret’s agreed to paint my Experience of Art & Wine in film as I create his painting.  I’m really excited to work with Bret. His composition is strikingly familiar. It's very similar to mine!  And he understands light as color.  That’s very important, this is the subject of my artistic attention. I’m happy to have creative company that can paint in film and sound, paint what I can only start to explain in words.  You know what they say; “talking about music is dancing about architecture.”
Unbeknownst to me, They'd been Watching
[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignleft" width="287" caption="Artist Ann Rea"]Artist Ann Rea[/caption] In the past four years my company’s online sales have averaged 8% of overall sales, in 2009 that number jumped to 27%!   The jump was due to a number of original oil paintings selling on, to people that I didn’t know, while I was sleeping.  But they knew me, and unbeknownst to me, they’d been watching. After I examined the sources of 2009 sales I thought about how could I increase the number of eyeballs roaming  Wouldn’t it be nice to be fly on wall and listen to my online prospects’ conversations, and then to connect with and engage these prospects in a meaningful dialog? As an artist, working in a very saturated market place, I’m always interested in meeting others who are making head roads in crowed market spaces, like the wine industry. I had heard of, and made a point to meet, Clay Wallin of VinTank. His company does just that for wine brands, a number of them whom I know here in Northern California. Clay told me about a recent success where VinTank built a platform for eyeballs for an approachable, affordable, yet generally unknown wine, winemakers from the Cahors region who needed a real introduction into the US market. "Cahors marketing team produced a video focused toward a younger audience.  Then they came to VinTank asking for help in promotion and media placement. We determined alternative new media that would deliver results based on budget constraints and potential consumer / trade reach. Through our extensive digital network we were able to negotiate media placements on appropriate digital platforms such as: Palate Press,,, and The results were impressive: 500K impressions, 10K dedicated emails, and over 4000 views on a Cahors tasting video by Gary Vaynerchuk. Most significantly, Cruvee measured that during the VinTank campaign, Cahors wines went from unknown to well known moving into the top10 list of most popular wine varietals in online conversations. The road for Cahors success has been paved and the platform for the old Malbec champion has been built.” “The conversations are happening. Your brand is being talked about… whether you participate or not.” Mike Wangbickler, Balzac Communications
Collecting Original Oil Paintings at
[caption id="attachment_302" align="alignleft" width="287" caption="Artist Ann Rea"]Artist Ann Rea[/caption] I’m asked if my collectors purchase original oil paintings at The answer is yes and many more of my collectors are acquiring my original oil paintings at  In fact, sales at have increased from an average of 8% over the past four year up to 27% last year. About half of my on-line collectors have seen my work in person.  For those collectors who have not, I can absolutely guarantee one thing.  It’s that if a collector really likes my paintings on their flat monitor, then they will absolutely love it in person.  My work is very textural and layered.  Can’t get that on a computer monitor. Also your monitor is only capable of displaying a limited range of color.  This range cannot match the range and sensitivity of the human eye.  As an interesting aside, I actually have colorblind collectors. One benefit that is stated, but not readily apparent, is that my oil paintings come framed.  I’ve chosen not to display my oil paintings on framed because this image on-line distracts the viewer from the painting itself. I also allow collectors to "audition paintings."  Collectors can acquire my original oils on, then they can hang it in their home or office, and live with it.  As long as it’s returned within eight days of receiving it, in the exact condition that it left, collectors will receive a full refund, less shipping.  However, no one has yet to return an oil painting that they’ve acquired at I invite you to stroll through my virtual art gallery, invite your friends, and enjoy a new convenient way to build your collection.