Artist Ann Rea
Ann Rea's Art Installation at Four Seasons of Silicon Valley
elevation Art changes the energy of a room by making a specific emotional and aesthetic statement. People may not even be fully conscious of how art is creating a vibe in a room but it is happening. Much like how wearing one outfit can make you feel one way, put on another outfit and you experience another perception of yourself. When the Four Seasons of Silicon Valley graciously invited me to collaborate and feature my work in their stunning lobby I wanted to produce the very best opportunity for my company and the Four Seasons. So I developed a creative strategy for that specific space. I got to know the professional staff, I visited and filmed the lobby space, studied their unique warm contemporary aesthetic, and I examined the original floor plans and elevations of the thoughtful and beautiful architecture of the Four Seasons of Silicon Valley property. I’m always interested in challenging myself creatively. Therefore, I am intentionally departing from my typical color saturated palette that is expected and I am creating three minimal monochromatic paintings. This triptych will be painted on wood panel versus stretched canvas. Each custom sized wood panel is made from FSC certified sustainable forest products made with conservator wood materials and sealing processes. I deliberately approach oil painting so that I have the least environmental impact. I do not use any toxic mixing mediums, turpentine or varnishes, just pure pigment and linseed oil. It’s a much more expensive approach to oil painting but it is the cleanest. This custom art installation is inspired by three vineyard images from Howell Mountain, Napa Valley, and Sonoma designed to celebrate each American Viticulture Area (AVA) and to highlight the Art & Wine Pairing program that available at the Four Seasons. The installation is currently scheduled for the end of June. Isn't it time to celebrate with an intimate group of friends or your very best clients? Make memorable connections through inspiring conversations. Learn about art and wine in a relaxed and fresh way.  Book an Art & Wine Pairing available at the Four Seasons of Silicon Valley.
Art & Wine Pairing Program at Bardessono Hotel
Art & Wine Pairiing Program at Bardessono
I am trilled to announce my latest strategic partnership with Bardessono, a boutique hotel in Yountville, California. If you have not stayed there, make a reservation. It is green, luxurious, and such a peaceful sanctuary. Bardessono’s aesthetic and values line up beautifully with my business enterprise. They are a significant national model of green building and operating practices. I think Bardessono is the most stunning property in Napa Valley and it is a LEED Platinum Certified.  I would love for my home to reflect Bardessono’s aesthetics and art collection. I will be teaming up with Brett Fallows, Bardessono’s Sommelier, to deliver my Art & Wine Pairing program to their group guests. The Art & Wine Pairing Program is perfect for:
  • client retention strategy, thanking existing top clients
  • partner "edutainment" program
  • meeting break out session
  • team building strategy
  • before dinner activity
  • reception activity
  • celebration activity
Like Bardessono I am conscious of the environmental impact of my business. I started using the greenest approach to oil painting possible several years ago. So this is not a post attempting to “green wash” my paintings. My oil painting technique is a very pricy approach but I think that my collectors deserve it. I do not use Turpentine, varnish, or any other nasty mixing mediums, just pure pigment and linseed oil.  With pure oils my color can be more saturated. I did this for health reasons. Long exposure to traditionally oil painting medium is toxic and requires excellent ventilation. I did not have this in art school so I walked around with a rash on my neck and I couldn’t stand oil painting.  Who knew then that would all change? So now I paint with vinyl gloves so that the paint does not make contact with my skin.  Much of the toxicity from oil painting comes from cleaning brushes.  I buy cheep brushes and toss them, I use a palette knife, and gloves protect my skin. I’d rather spend my time sketching an painting than cleaning brushes. Let's be real, there's still an environmental impact but I try to lesson it as much as possible.
The Four Seasons and Artist Ann Rea Join Forces
FourSeasons Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley has partnered with San Francisco artist Ann Rea to launch an Art and Wine Pairing Program. By reviving the art of conversation, the collaboration will provide a fresh alternative to traditional wine tastings, ordinary client dinners and themed parties. By drawing upon the traditional of the salon, intimate groups are invited to relax, and explore the art of conversation with Rea, complemented by wine pairings and dialogue with Quattro’s General Manager and Sommelier Annie Rose Chung. The program pairs one wine with one painting – engaging the sommelier and attendees in conversation about the wine. The artist, Rea, then teaches the group how to look at the painting through the artist’s eyes. Director of Marketing Doug Kaminski says of the collaboration, “We are excited to bring a fresh and unique opportunity to our meetings and special events program. Through creativity, conversation and a personal connection, this exclusive offering allows corporations or nonprofit organizations a meaningful opportunity to thank top-tier patrons, or engage new ones.” The Art and Wine Program can be offered as an enhancement to catered meetings and events at Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley or booked as a special event. For additional information, please contact Nicole Neal at 1 (650) 470-2810.
Imagination is more important than knowledge
GordanAnn “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein. It’s so true. Children explore and grow their imaginations through play and art education. And in our current conceptual economy it is the "right brainers that will rule the world." * Playing music and making art is much more than just ‘fun’ for kids - it is transformational and vital. Yet budget cuts have forced many school music programs to close, especially in schools serving low-income communities. Little Kids Rock is a national nonprofit that transforms children's lives by restoring and revitalizing music education in disadvantaged public schools. The rockers that support Little Kids Rock include the Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Carlos Santana, and the list goes on. Michael Fernandez, who diligently serves on the Ann Rea, Inc. Advisory Board is the Chairman Emeritus of the Little Kids Rock When Michael introduced me to Little Kids Rock I wanted to figure out a way to support them. So I have three exciting announcements. 1. On Wednesday, April 18th, First Republic Bank, 750 Wines, and I will deliver an Art & Wine Pairing experience to thank the board members and the major sponsors of Little Kids Rock for their dedication and support to this worthy cause.  And the after party will include a performance of the Little Kids rocking out. 2. This marks the formal launch of my new Art & Wine Pairing Program, a way to show your appreciation by sharing a cultural experience in an intimate salon setting.  A short film by my filmmaker Dalan McNabola demonstrates this innovative concept. 3. And last but not least, I am proud to announce my first corporate sponsor, First Republic Bank.  My banker will be underwriting the Art & Wine Pairing Thank You Party on April 18th, to benefit Little Kids Rock. I’m so excited to be combining art, wine, and philanthropy in such a fun fresh way. Stayed tuned for more details on my new corporate sponsorship program.
*"A Whole New Mind" by Daniel Pink